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Bee 3 years ago
Is it me or is his dick not small ... 6inches at most.
Truth 3 years ago
Y’all negative comments sound like you jealous! dude fucking a solid 9 while you out here smashing hood rat 2’s FOH
Sju 3 years ago
Does size really matter
Dufenburger 3 years ago
"Small" or not bitch clearly liked it
Anon024 3 years ago
Dont matter if my divk big or small, im still jerkn off 2 this :(
Linda 3 years ago
I , being a girl was curious as to "small dick " that is not by any means small. Its really a nice size. If that girl doesnt want it I'll take it any day of the week. Wow she really thinks that's small. SMH
Yo mamá 3 years ago
He looks good the bitch is overacting and his dick is not small
Lex 3 years ago
Most girls don't want a guy with a big cock. He's fine. Only Porn Stars and whores want those big fat cocks. I won't suck a big cock and no anal.
person on porn site 3 years ago
Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree, how lovely are your branches?
Yea 3 years ago
Bitches will fuck anything nowadays