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Wanda 3 years ago
I live with my BF, his brother, and his brothers GF Linda. We share everything so it's common to for us to swap partners during sex. Linda and I also love to take care of both men while one of us takes a break. When one, or both guys cum in my pussy Linda sucks out the cum, I do the same for her, if we both get cum in our pussy we do 69 and suck the cum from each others cunts. Watching us often makes the guys so hot that they want seconds. I love my lifestyle.
Jerker 10 3 years ago
It was all fun and games until he nutted in the back of her throat, dirty cunt was having second thoughts after that, lmfao
Anonymous 3 years ago
This is how my wife and l first started swapping.
California 2 years ago
Me and couple we always see videos like this one and both as get super horny this is are fantasy we wish to fuck like this with other couple in the same room ummmmm
Curious 1 year ago
I believe everybody should enjoy a strange cock or pussy now and then. I also think everyone should try a wild orgy with a little bisexual activity on both parts. Everybody fantasizes about it, might as well try it. You might like it, could become a habit. I love watching my girlfriend suck cock. A couple of times I sucked a guy's cock after fucking my girlfriend.
Red dog 1 year ago
Am I the only one who made it to the end than lost all progress due to laughing?? The blonde questioned all life choices there at the end
3 years ago
What's with the overhead shots?
David 3 years ago
Beautiful blonde girl best fuck girls around
Boring 1 year ago
I can't believe no one ate the blonde's pussy plus she not a swallower. I hate spitters!
Abc123 2 years ago
I can’t be the only one who got said when I herd that song and Chester singing.. rip